Hey bloggers do you want to use Google+ like the Pros?

Darren Rowse is one of the most famous Pro bloggers around and those of you who follow him know how good he is about teaching blogging as well as photography.  He has written a great blog post about how blogging pros use Google+ which provides 4 tactics:

  1. Cross promote an offering
  2. Day-in-the-life reportage
  3. Personal brand mini-blogging
  4. Close curation

You can read more about each in his post.  I wanted to add my own thoughts to these and point out that Google+ provides such a rich feature set in which you can get your message out.


For example, Darren talks about how Gary Vaynerchuck uses a lot fo videos and this is a very powerful way to get your message heard than just text alone or even with pictures and text.  Google+ allows you post links to YouTube videos or you can post a quick video that you record of yourself directly  from within Google+ and this is a feature I don’t see too many people using so far which is a shame.  This allows you to say what you want instead of typing in a whole bunch of text and I would encourage you to use this more and experiment and see what kind of engagement you get from these posts.

Personal Brand

This is another area that is often lost on people in that Google+ really offers you a chance to develop and promote your personal brand, or put simply what you are about.  There was uproar at the start when Google+ came out that it didn’t allow people to use their aliases as they had become known as on things like Twitter but really this about people getting to know you and the things you care about.  So when you post things ensure they are about those things that you care about and this will also allow people who are similar to you and have shared interests to find you and you can engage and interact.  Decide what it is you want to be known for and then use Google+ accordingly to back that up.  Of course your profile page should reflect this too so there is consistency in what you’re saying and what you’re posting.


It’s not easy to find time to write original articles and posts but to further strengthen your Personal Brand look to share things that are interesting to you and those who share your interests and passions.  Just like Darren mentions Gina Trapani you know the kinds of things you expect to read from Gina and if she is writing her own stuff, finding other stuff on Google+ to share or finding stuff out there on the internet to post into Google+ you know it’s going to be along the lines of her passions.  Do the same and become known as a good source of information (original or curated) for what you want to be known for.

There was much debate about whether Google+ replaces the need for blogging but I think they complement each other well.  Continue to write you blog posts on your platform and then use Google+ as a place to share that content and have discussions around the topics you’ve posted about.  This way you’ve got the best of both worlds that you are keeping your content safe while encouraging people to comment and discuss the topics.

What about you?  Have you got any additional ways that Darren and I have not covered that would be useful to Bloggers using Google+?