Sharing and Replying from Google+ just got better

Google continues to push out improvements and enhancements to Google+ and amongst the latest things to show up is the ability to share posts to Twitter, Facebook and Email easily when using the Chrome browser. Sure you could do this before but it was a little clunky where you had to copy the link to the post and then manually create a Tweet, a Facebook status update or Email and paste it and add your own message. This enhancement makes the process a lot more slick and easy. They have also added an option to Reply to Author which makes it easier to +mention the author in your reply. I get this, I really do, but I’m not sure what the purpose is since the Author will get notified when you post a comment on the post by default so it’s probably more about Google+ etiquette. There is a blog post coming up about +mentions discussing when to use them and when not to. However, what is much more useful in my opinion is the Reply link for comments that have been posted so you can more easily reply to another person’s comment – that rocks!

Sharing a Google+ post in Twitter, Facebook, Email

To share a post click on the drop-down list on the Share button of the post and you will see the three options listed:

Select the option you want from this list, let’s choose Share on Twitter for this example, which will then open up Twitter and create the tweet. Naturally you may need to make some adjustments to make it more readable and you’ll notice the link isn’t shortened (one of these days Google will automatically shorten links using their shortening service but I digress). Once you’ve made your adjustments you can post this tweet and you’re done! It works very similarly for Facebook and for Email.

Replying to the Author of a post

This is very simple – you just select the link that says Reply to Author and it will bring up a comment box that will already have the author included as an +mention.

Reply to a comment

Similarly it’s just as simple to reply to someone who has commented on a post by clicking Reply.

None of this is rocket science I grant you but I wanted to make you aware of these so you can keep on top of the many changes that keep coming out making our Google+ experience better and better. Have you found any really useful features and enhancements that you’d like to share?