Google Plus Mobile App Hashtags

Watch out Twitter because the Google+ mobile app just got updated and it now has hashtag support. This is a major development because I truly believe that the more the mobile app improves the more that people will use it and hashtags will play a big part in this.

Hashtags allow you to assign tag your posts with words so that people can click on them and find all other posts that have also been tagged with the same word. A very popular use I can give you an example of from Twitter is TV shows where a hashtag is defined and people post tweets about the show using this. If you want to follow along and be part of the conversation about that show you can click on the hashtag and see everyone’s tweets using that hashtag. An example would be #BBCApprentice which is used for The Apprentice series that is airing right now.

Until now Google+ had the same functionality but it wasn’t available from the mobile app. Since many people access social networking sites from their mobiles you didn’t quite see the same usage. Using the #BBCApprentice hashtag as the example I couldn’t find many tweets on Google+ using that but it goes crazy over on Twitter (and Facebook I hear).

With this update you can now click on the hashtags on Google+ just as you would on the web or on Twitter and you will be able to see all related posts.

I predict a big change in usage as a result of this. So go ahead, start using hashtags today in your Google+ posts.