Keep Calm – Google changed their Search Algorithm!


Last week Google announced a change to their Search algorithm which caused a bit of a panic amongst some people.  Let me tell you why you should not panic and worry about it.  Google are always striving to provide people with the best search results fast and having used it since its early days I believe they’ve done a great job which is why they are where they are today. The problem they have been seeing and getting reports from users on is that often they will click on a link from the search results and the site they visit is full of too many ads above-the-fold which makes it difficult to find and see the actual content they are looking for. This is not a great user experience and I’m sure many of you like me have been there and understand how frustrating this can be.

What Google are NOT doing with this change is penalising people for having ads on their sites and ranking those sites with no ads higher in the search results.  I really wanted to make sure this is clear as this perception is what caused some people to panic.  Instead they are really looking to give people results which contain a reasonable amount of ads and provide the content for which they have been ranked and returned in the results.

Their focus for making this change is to improve the user experience and this is an important point to bear in mind to understanding why the change is being made.  If you are committed to providing good quality and relevant content without filling up most of the page with ads then this change should not affect you unfairly. I for one welcome this change as I think most users want to find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily and support what Google are doing to continue to make this experience better and better.

Keep Calm – don’t get stressed by this change and continue to focus on providing good quality content.