About Technology Inspiration

Technology has always interested me since a very young age and I have pursued it as a career as a result. My passion and interest in technology has evolved over the years from merely finding things cool to finding ways to make use of features and functionality to now helping businesses succeed through the effective and strategic use of internet technology.

The aid of Technology Inspiration is to inform, educate and inspire people on the internet technologies that are available and how out these can be used by businesses to help them succeed. This will be pre-dominantly focused on Social Media, Blogging, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

I believe that businesses don’t always have the time to research and work all this stuff out and with the ever increasing fast-moving nature of the internet technology world it is hard to keep up. I hope to provide you with the information you need that makes this easier and things you can immediately make use of and start getting advantage from doing so. I encourage you to share anything you find interesting and useful here so that others can benefit also.

If you want to go beyond the information I provide here and hire me for speaking, training or consulting engagements to help you implement the internet technologies in your business I am happy to discuss this with you.

I hope you enjoy what you find here and I look forward to seeing you succeed through technology!


Find me on Google+ by searching for Chet Thaker


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