Google+ for Business: An Introduction

As a business owner there are many reasons why you should learn about Google+ Pages for Business.  This provides your business with presence on Google+ and use it in a variety of ways to promote your products/services, interact with customers and prospects and take advantage of all the things Google+ has to offer.  Read on to get the skinny on what Google+ Pages are all about.

Difference between a Google+ Profile and a Google+ Page

The basic element of using Google+ has been creating a Profile which is a personal account that allows you to share information and interact with their users. It wasn’t possible for you to create a presence for your business…until now. With the recent release of Pages it is now possible to use the many features that you’ve come to love about Google+ and use them in ways to attract and engage your customers.

Pages look and operate in a very similar way to Profiles so there isn’t a new learning experience to have to go through if you are already used to Google+ through Profiles. So for example there are Circles, Hangouts, the ability to share photos, videos, links, and other content you want your customers to read.

It is very easy to create a Page and you will see a link on the right side of your Home page under the heading of Google+ Pages which allows you to start the Page creation process.

There are 5 categories to choose from when creating your page:

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product or Brand
  • Company, Institution, or Organisation
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other 

Once you’ve created your Page you can customise it in very similar ways to the way you would have created your Profile with the ability to post a photo or logo, enter a 10 word tag line and fill out other information about your business and links to your website/blog.  Take the time to do this as this is a shop window for your business so you want to make it as attractive as possible for your followers and customers.

What are the key features of Google+ for Business Pages?

When you are using the Page everything you do on Google+ will show as being from the Page and not from your personal Profile. The kinds of things you can do as a Page are:

  • Engage with other Google+ users by +1’ing content, commenting, resharing posts.  This engagement is at the heart of any social network and is a good way to raise your Page’s visibility and attract people to your content.
  • Start and Join Hangouts. This is a great way to interact with your customers face-to-face online and is one of the unique elements of Google+ compared to other social networks.

  • Mention people in posts and comments (who’ve already added or mentioned you)

Tips for promoting your Google+ for Business Page

So just creating a Page and interacting with others isn’t enough so you know need to take active steps to promote your Page. These are some tips for doing this:

Keep your content fresh and post regularly. People are more likely to visit and engage on your page if you are posting useful content on a regular basis.

  • Spread the word. Use this feature from your Page which is located on the right side of your page to promote your page to your Circles to make them aware. When you do this the post will appear from your Personal Profile and not as the Page to add a little element of personalisation.

I encourage you to start exploring Google+ Pages and seeing what ways you can take advantage of them for your business.  If you already have a presence on Facebook then you really should get a presence on Google+ too as there are some similarities and some interesting differences.


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