How to mute and unmute a post in Google+

Google+ has nice feature giving you the ability to mute a post but un-muting it isn’t as easy as it should be so I wanted to share this information with you here.  I’ll show you why and how you would mute a post and also how to un-mute a post.

The mute feature is useful when you may have +1’d or commented on a post and as a result you get notifications for all the other comments made which is good if you want to stay in the conversation.  However there are times things get too noisy or the conversation goes “off-topic” so you can mute the post to no longer get any more notifications about it. How you mute the post is simply by click on the arrow in the top right corner of the post and select the Mute this post option as show here:

This will collapse the post and it will display the following which gives you the ability to un-mute the post:

Now that’s all fine and dandy!  The problem is when you later or decide that you want to un-mute the post because there is no display where it shows you a list of all the posts that you’ve un-muted for you to choose from.  What you need to do in this instance is to find the stream that displayed the post that you unmuted and there you will see the same message as above in the same place where you can click Undo mute. Alternatively if you remember the person whose post you muted you can go to their posts and similarly un-mute the post.

Hopefully Google will make this process easier by having a page displayed where you can see all muted posts but for now this is the only way to do this.


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