Bragging using your Favourites

Favourites on Twitter are to mark those tweets from other people who you’ve found interesting, useful, funny etc right?  Well that’s one way you can use them however I’m going to suggest you use them in another way that helps to add credibility to you and your business and act as testimonials – or put another way Bragging using your Favourites.

How often have you served your clients and they’ve been really happy with your service/product and have taken the time to send a tweet about it.  Instead of just feeling good about how satisfied your customer is and hope others were watching when that person tweeted it why don’t you add these to your Favourites.  What better way for someone who may be thinking of using your service/product to see tweets from other satisfied customers which helps break down one of the barriers to the sale if they can see lots of regularly satisfied customers.

This is not a million miles away from how when we are buying anything these days we look them up on the internet and look at what others are saying about the  product/service in the testimonials be they on Amazon, Ebay or TripAdvisor.

So do yourself a favour and when someone tweets you a nice message add this to your Favourites.  Of course you can ask your satisfied customers to tweet you if they’re happy and you could also initiate this conversation by thanking them for the business in the first place.  Go on what do you have to lose?


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