Be on Twitter all day without being on Twitter all day.

One of the biggest issues faced by businesses when trying to adopt more usage of social media like Twitter is finding the time in your busy day to dedicate to tweeting useful and informative things for your followers.  You see others who seem to get through the day busy doing their work and yet still manage to find the time to post tweets all day.  How do they do this?  Maybe they’re just super-efficient or maybe they’re using some nifty little tool that helps them do this.

There are a lot of these nifty tools available these days which help you manage your time more efficiently and maintain your presence on things like Twitter.  One that I personally find quick and easy to use (as well as having a Free subscription option as well as paid options) is BufferDisclosure: I have no links or afiliations with this company in any way.  The idea is simple – you fill up your Buffer with the tweets you want to send and you can schedule when you want them to and Buffer takes care of the rest for you.  This allows you to spend some time each day or week to schedule the tweets you want going out there and then you can get on with being productive and serving your customers.

Of course, we have to mention that social media is not just for one way broadcasting of information so you should still find time in your day to interact with people, read other people’s tweets, maybe do a spot of retweeting of things your followers may find useful and other good social media stuff.  Buffer just makes some of the burden of social media a bit more manageable and allows you to have a regular presence so you’re not out-of-sight-out-of-mind and you’re sharing useful things to your followers.

Ways you could use this is:

  1. Publicisng you content through posting links in tweets so that they are posted at times when people in different parts of the world are likely to see them.
  2. Reminding people about product offerings, events coming up or anything that you need to regularly publicise.
  3. Sharing quotes that your followers may find helpful.

The list of possibilities is endless.  So give it a whirl and take back some of the time you spend on Social Media.


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