Bookmark interesting posts in Google+

One of the things I find about Google+ is that since there is no 140 character restriction like there is on Twitter people post a lot of good things that take longer to read and often I don’t have the time to read those things at that time.  When I encounter this issue on Twitter wtih links to longer articles I use an app called Read It Later and there are other similar services like Instapaper and the built in service on iOS devices called Read Later which allows me to effectively bookmark things to go back and read when I have more time.

A clever way to achieve the same effect on Google+ is to create what is known as an Empty Circle – essentially a circle with nobody added into it.  You can call it whatever you want like Bookmarks or Read Later List or whatever.  Now when you come across something that you are interested in and want to save it to read later you can simply share it to that circle.  When you get some time to read you can now go and view the circle in your Stream and all of the posts you’ve shared to it will be listed.

Give it a try and let me know how it works out for you!


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