Why should I bother to comment on someone else’s blog?

I’ve read a lot of stuff over on Google+ from bloggers who are finding that when they post content there that the interaction levels are far higher than they ever achieve on their traditional blogs.  Some have even gone as far as abandoning their blogs altogether in favour of posting purely to Google+ as a result of that and you know Good Luck to them.  For some people this makes a lot of sense as it’s not the traffic they’re interested in per se but it’s the interaction and discussions their posts are generating and it works for them then that’s wonderful.

I can see why they’d take this option because since the arrival of things like Twitter, Facebook etc the discussions have moved off the blog posts themselves and are happening more on these social networks.  How many of you have posted something and instead of getting comments on the blog post itself people have replied to the tweet you posted publicising the post.  It can be tough getting people to comment on your blog posts but we also need to look at ourselves and examine whether we too are commenting on other people’s posts or not.

In addition to being a good fellow blogger by leaving comments on other people’s blogs there are benefits that you can gain:

    1. When you leave a comment on someone else’s blogs if you enter your blog address in the URL field this provides a link from your comment back to that blog.  So this raises the chances of someone discovering you and your blog from your comment.
    2. Leaving thoughtful contributions and joining in the discussion can help you demonstrate you know what you’re talking about and build up your credibility.  People may then be tempted to find out more about you and look at your blog or find you on the other social networks.
    3. By leaving comments on other people’s blogs you encourage them to also leave comments on your blog posts.  If you don’t fancy leaving a comment you could also click the Like button on their post (if they have included this) which on WordPress shows a picture of you and also they get an email notifying them that you liked a post and encouraging them to return the favour.

There is a lot of good content being produced out there by some very knowledgeable and talented people – much more than we can ever hope to consume.  Let’s all help each other out and leave comments sharing your opinion on a topic or leaving some appreciation to the blogger for their post.  It’s a win-win situation since you potentially gain from leaving comments too.  What do you think – can we get this whole blog commenting thing going again?


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