Sharing is caring – earning Social Media Karma

One of the key principles of using Social Media that you’re sharing good content to your follower community.  This is content that you are creating and sharing like Blog posts and it also a good idea to share content from others that your follower community will find useful which I like to think of as earning good Social Media Karma.  What I mean by this is that your Social Media goals should include providing value and being helpful to your followers but this doesn’t have to mean that it’s all your own content.  Just like anyone else you’re reading other people’s blogs and searching for things on the internet and if you come across something which you feel will benefit your followers then why not share this – your followers will love you for it as you’re exposing them to things potentially very useful for them.  That’s one element of the Social Media Karma.

The other benefit of doing this is that the person whose content you are sharing to your followers will appreciate that you are doing this and getting their content in front of more people. Who wouldn’t like someone else promoting their content for them – I know I certainly am not going to complain.  This also has the potential for those people to reciprocate and share your content, visit your blog, leave comments or generally develop a good online relationship.  No matter what I believe by doing this for them without any expectation of anything in return earns you the other element of Social Media Karma.

Some ways  you can share other people’s content:

    1. Retweet something on your Twitter timeline
    2. Share a link to the content in your own Tweet, Facebook update, Google+ post, Email etc.
    3. Write a blog post of your own and add a link to the content.  This also give you the opportunity to not only share the content of the other person but it also allows you add some of your content and provide some information as to why you think its useful to your followers or what you are specifically referring to.

Each time you see something you like think if it would be useful to your followers and share with them.  Monitor what difference you see by consciously taking this action – are you seeing an increase in traffic back to your website/blog?  Are you getting any of your content shared to others as a result of doing this – is this getting you more followers as a result?  Lastly, if you like this blog post and feel your followers would benefit from this information feel free to share it with them 🙂 


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